And that means great things for our collective clients, present and future!

Following GLI Group’s (GLI®) April 2019 acquisition of SeNet International, SeNet is now operating under the Bulletproof brand and that brings numerous new benefits to our collective clients!

First and foremost, name changes aside, our relentless pursuit of delivering the absolute highest quality of services to our clients remains.

Now as Bulletproof, we have an increased staff size, we can deliver faster, and we can offer you an expanded package of services. Among the most critical include our ability to certify ISO/IEC 27001 and to PCI DSS. Other services you may be interested in include our Managed IT, Security Services and Security Training & Education to help transform your employees from cybercrime targets to active defenders of your cybersecurity.

To give you a bit of background on Bulletproof, the company has more than 18 years in the security business, protecting our clients’ privacy and data.  Now with offices across Canada, the USA, Spain, UK, and Netherlands, users on six continents trust Bulletproof to secure their networks, data and people.  We have served customers across the globe in the gaming industry, and the company has continued to grow, adding 117 new clients this year alone. Our recent success includes helping clients obtain certifications in 25 different jurisdictions. Earlier this year, Bulletproof’s Canadian team won the 2019 Microsoft Canada Modern Workplace Innovation Partner of the Year IMPACT Award.

As you know, cyberattacks are growing in frequency. So far this year, we delivered more than 27,000 hours of security services for our clients, and we discovered and prevented more than 1,850 vulnerabilities, of which 180 were high/critical risk. Those figures are alarming, and they underscore a very simple point: cybersecurity attacks are real, urgent, increasing, and need constant attention to prevent. 

Today’s fast-moving digital world can be scary —don’t worry. At Bulletproof, we have you covered.

Gus CircleBulletproof Appoints Gus Fritschie as VP, IT Security Solutions Development & Delivery USA

“We are extremely pleased to officially welcome Gus to the Bulletproof team,” said Jeff Shaw, COO of Bulletproof. “His experience and expertise will be an invaluable resource for our customers throughout North America and beyond.”Gus Fritschie, former Vice President with SeNet International Corporation (SeNet), has been appointed Vice President, IT Security Solutions Development & Delivery in the USA with Bulletproof. The appointment follows the GLI Group’s 2019 acquisition of SeNet.        

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100The GLI Group Acquires SeNet International Corporation

The GLI Group has acquired SeNet International Corporation (SeNet), bringing expanded cybersecurity and other IT capabilities to clients of the GLI Group, Bulletproof a GLI Company, and SeNet. The companies serve a wide range of clients in the casino gaming space and across the business spectrum.  As part of the acquisition, the GLI Group will operate SeNet in conjunction with Bulletproof.     



Bulletproof Expands Cybersecurity Services in Europe to Multiple Industries

Bulletproof continues to expand its infrastructure beyond gaming to the banking, financial, health care, and eCommerce industries, among others. Recent changes in infrastructure include a merging of its UK team with the rest of its EMEA team, acquiring three new pen testers and five new auditors. In addition, Bulletproof has hired five new pen testers, two auditors, and a dedicated cybersecurity sales manager to meet the growing demands of the business.   


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