Turn Your Biggest IT Security Gap Into Your Greatest Defense

Patch the vulnerabilities in your people.

A whopping 95% of cyber-attacks and incidents exploit unsuspected and uninformed employees.*

How prepared are you and your end users to detect and react to a cyberthreat? Our Security Aware service starts with your people – protecting and empowering them through education and simulated cyber-attacks! Our approach also helps organizations improve processes, build a stronger cybersecurity culture through the introduction of personal and organizational risk scores, and understand and fix cybersecurity technology gaps. 

It's important to acknowledge and learn the high-profile phishing attacks in order to provide a greater understanding of the different tactics, motivations, and impacts on organizations and individuals around the world. We are here to help your organization:

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to acknowledge your biggest IT security gap
  • Why just checking a box for awareness training isn’t good enough
  • How Bulletproof is turning failure into success for customers
  • Best practices and next steps

Gain a deeper understanding about phishing, spear phishing, whaling, & shark attacks

Understand real world business and personal impact of phishing attacks on organizations

Gain insights into steps you can take to avoid and report phishing attempts in your organization

*Source: IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index

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Cyber-Tried, Tested and True Results

  • 80% of employees say they're more aware of cybersecurity and their role in protecting their company because of their experience with our platform
  • Average phishing rates decrease from 25% to less than 8%
  • Over 60% reduction in IT staff time in cybersecurity awareness program management
  • Return on investment of less than one year from internal cost savings from help desk and IT security staff

The Right Solution To Empower Your Employees & To Protect Your Greatest Assets

Bulletproof's security aware service is the only user awareness solution in market today that solves the difficult problem of end user adoption and buy in. Your organization will be provided with top quality services:

Education Tool Powered by Beauceron A world class targeted phishing and user awareness education service powered by Beauceron Security that is easy to understand and help strengthen your security posture by improving the awareness and security of your most valuable assets, your people.
Dedicated Success Coach A success coach dedicated to working with your designated internal champions to achieve optimal onboarding, adoption, and deployment results.
Risk Score Review An expert review of your organization's specific risk scores including training recommendations for closing gaps.
Support and Real Time Dashboard Telephone and email support for designated champions on escalated issues. All incidents will be logged into our system and displayed in your dashboard in real time.
Risk Review Analysis A quarterly risk review briefing to discuss results.
Preferential Access to Incident Response Security Services Don't know who to turn to when you have a breach or need a forensic investigation? Skip the line! Our service bundle entitles you to preferential access to additional incident response security services when you need them even without a Security Operations Center contract. Incident response services are fee-based and the Bulletproof Security Team is standing by when you need them.

Learn more about Bulletproof's Security Solutions and how we can help maximize your business operations!


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Turn Your Biggest IT Security Gap into Your GREATEST Defense

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“Bulletproof is doing an exceptional job of listening to their customers and then going above and beyond to provide them with services to unlock all the value of their Microsoft Security investment. They are able to see the value of our Microsoft security platform and have built a managed SOC service that is driving significant customer value, allowing their customers to remain focused on their business.”

-Julie Jeffries, Modern Work & Security PMM Manager, Microsoft Canada
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What could happen to your business if you fall victim to a cyberattack? According to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority in 2021, 69% of Canadian businesses hit with a ransomware attack paid the ransom demand. You can’t predict when a breach might take place or what it could cost you.

Whether you’re a small business looking for advanced security protection against hackers and other cyber threats, or an enterprise-level organization subject to security audits and strict compliance regulations, Bulletproof 365 provides the most secure and comprehensive productivity solution of them all