Top Gaming Supplier Improves Security Posture and Resiliency of their Products & Services

Cyber-attacks are skyrocketing across today's technology landscape, because of this ensuring the security of products and solutions is more important than ever. Even in highly regulated industries, cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and are attacking at any entry point. On top of that, the average customer is becoming more educated, aware, and selective about the products and services they are using – prioritizing safety and security first before making any financial commitments.

With the customer top of mind, Everi needed to work with a reputable, trusted security partner to ensure delivery of secured, world-class financial transaction solutions to their customers. They turned to BULLETPROOF™, a GLI company – a leader in security solutions and now 2021 Global Security Partner of the Year [Microsoft]. Bulletproof has decades of experience working with top gaming clients and are committed to understanding the challenges and business pain points then recommending the right solutions. With the right support from Bulletproof, Everi was able to deliver secured, world-class cash management and gaming content solutions to their gaming customers while improving their security posture and strengthening their brand reputation.

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About Everi

Everi's mission is to lead the gaming industry through the power of people, imagination, and technology. Focused on player engagement and assisting our casino customers to operate more efficiently, the Company develops entertaining game content and gaming machines, gaming systems, and services for land-based and iGaming operators. The Company is also the preeminent provider of trusted financial technology solutions that power the casino floor while improving operational efficiencies and fulfilling regulatory compliance requirements, including products and services that facilitate convenient and secure cash and cashless financial transactions, self-service player loyalty tools, and applications, and regulatory and intelligence software.


Why Bulletproof?

Bulletproof is headquartered in Canada with offices across the United States and around the world. The company’s footprint now includes users on six continents trusting Bulletproof to secure their identities, networks, data, and devices in all industries including top gaming operators, suppliers, regulators, lotteries, etc.
Named Security Microsoft Partner of the Year globally in 2021 and Partner of the Year and three-peat Microsoft Canada IMPACT award winner [2021-2019], Bulletproof is proud to be a long-standing Microsoft Gold Partner with twelve gold competencies, a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), and holder of the Microsoft Threat Protection Advanced Specialization.

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The Challenge

Everi is committed to working with a trusted security partner to help verify that they were building the most secured products possible for their customers. Their focus is on the following core characteristics of their offerings: Penetration testing of on-premise self-service solutions and penetration testing of on-premise assisted-service solutions:

Central Credit Web

Central Credit, LLC has been around since 1956 as the industry's longest and most trusted provider of patron gaming credit data globally. As a Consumer Reporting Agency, they are committed to continuing this high standard as they transitioned to a modern web-based interface with modern security protocols so casinos can continue to utilize the service to update patron gaming data with confidence and efficiency. As we move towards our Digital Neighborhood initiative, maintaining secure and accurate data across our verticals and product suites is pivotal.

Central Digital Application

This is Central Credit's first patron-facing product as a self-serve intake gateway for credit or front money applications via a browser/mobile. Because it is white labeled to our casino’s branding schema and an entry point by capturing a lot of patron-provided data including attachment capabilities, they wanted to ensure the appropriate security measures are implemented. Not only to ensure patron privacy but to also ensure that the casino’s patron data is of utmost importance since they are hosting the service nationally. In addition, they wanted to safeguard Central’s core backend that the data being transmitted is clean and secured.

Loyalty and Wallet Mobile Applications

Having the most secure player data between cloud and on-prem patron data was extremely important and they wanted to ensure it was safe and secure for their patrons.

Enrollment (Self Service Loyalty Enrollment Kiosk)

During the enrollment process, Everi wanted to ensure that all patron data is secured. The security of this data is of utmost importance so that the customer trusts them which is the first step in creating a relationship to provide them with services.

Engage (Self Service Promotional Kiosk)

This was another product that needed to be verified and secured as patron data and freeplay credits transferred across systems occurred.

The Solution & Results

In a world where the security of a product is often misrepresented, Everi needed a security partner that was trusted by their customers and could verify their security was not just sales or marketing hype. They also needed a partner with familiarity with a casino environment, experience with Everi Solutions via GLI certification efforts, and a desire to improve their security stance and improve the resiliency of solutions.

Their primary goal was to identify an independent cybersecurity research and testing company that could be objective and provide a comprehensive evaluation of their solutions with regards to security. The security partner needed to provide world-class customer support, best-in-class solutions, and have industry/brand recognition. Their main goal was to provide best-in-class patron data security and increase uptime by removing their system from customer networks. They needed to ensure they were also PCI and PII compliant, including games with Real Money RGS deployments.

Everi could have worked with any security partner but chose Bulletproof as it had highly skilled security experts, brand recognition, and years of experience in the gaming world. Everi was extremely pleased with the services Bulletproof provided and continues to work with them for future projects. They provided world-class customer support, best-in-class solutions, competitive pricing, timeline flexibility, exceptional onboarding, and their brand reputation has been valuable.

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Everi was able to see the following results after working with Bulletproof’s security team:

Everi continues to show significant growth as a result of delivering the right solutions to casino operators. Revenues in 2021, compared to 2019 results have grown 25%. This growth is a result of several factors but with the pandemic, operators have seen a need to provide self-service functionality to assist with a contactless customer experience. As a company, Everi has demonstrated ongoing momentum in growth across the FinTech, RegTech, Loyalty and Games segments. Growth in ship-share, same-store increases in transactions as well as the organic growth of Loyalty and Regulatory Compliance offering showcases strength across all businesses and the deep pipeline of new offerings will drive consistent revenue growth over the next couple of years. The portfolio of products and services is more comprehensive and provides more value to casino operators than ever before. The security of these offerings provide a tightly integrated, multi-layered approach to protect self-service terminals, gaming devices, operating systems and customer data against historical and newly-evolving attack methods. With security as one of their primary focuses, Everi looks to ensure and secure an organization’s critical assets, data and that success has translated in their financial results.

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Central Credit Web

Bulletproof has helped Everi with generational fostering, privacy compliance, opt-out compliance, robust report builder, and adding a fun factor with color/icon/etc. utilization for this product.

Central Digital Application

Working with Bulletproof has helped Everi to support scalability, lower security vulnerabilities gaps, upgrade downtime aversion, limited internal capacity requirements, internal product suite integration, nimble environment for enhancements, mobile responsive (web, tablets, mobile), generational fostering, ADA compliant, privacy compliance, opt-out compliance, and add a fun factor with color/icon/etc. utilization

All Loyalty Products

With Bulletproof, Everi was putting their money where their mouth was by working with a prestigious cybersecurity research and testing company. Gaining expertise to test our solutions.

Lance Harris, SVP & CISO at Everi stated that working with an experienced gaming security partner provided Everi with a peace of mind confirming their best-in-class security position, across all our products. He stated that Bulletproof has been amazing to work with and the close collaboration was impeccable and truly helped improved their security posture for their products and services.
Everi could not have hoped for a better partner to ensure they are building industry-leading security into their products. Bulletproof has allowed them to have confidence in their security across all levels of our products and services, including kiosks, patron-facing applications, and within our Online Gaming operation. They’ve provided many glowing reviews and leveraged Bulletproof as part of marketing to highlight third-party security efforts and their commitment to following security protocol and requirements.

Future Plans

We are moving towards success for the future, together. Everi has already engaged Bulletproof in future security planning, assessments, and testing for their products and solutions. The Bulletproof team will continue to act as a trusted security advisor and offer any security services requested by Everi to ensure the success of future projects. Based on the exceptional service and expertise Bulletproof provided, for Everi’s digital and gaming products, they requested to have Annual Security Assessments for the jurisdictions they are currently in.

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