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At Bulletproof Academy, eLearning is all we do. Our focus and experience provide deep insights into the ever-changing training needs and compliance requirements of today’s business world to equip & empower your teams for professional and personal growth; anywhere, anytime.  And we know how to align the best custom development and adaptation learning solutions  to your company’s requirements.

Our expertise is proven, our training platform is leading-edge, and we’ve been trusted by many leading organizations including globally recognized Fortune 500 companies to deliver thousands of hours of innovative training programs.  

More about the Joint Action for Employment Program (PACME)*

According to information provided via the Gouvernement du Québec website, this program is made up of two components, one aimed at businesses and one aimed at collective promoters

The objective of the program is to allow companies to receive grants to help cover the costs of training activities and work organization. Eligible training can include:

  • Digital telework skills
  • Good practices related to health issues
  • Organizational communication and improved know-how
  • Training required to resume the company’s activities (e.g. Review on-boarding program with custom eLearning assets to facilitate and efficiently on-board employees.)

In these unprecedented times, you already have enough on your plate. Our experts are here to help you identify and satisfy your unique training needs but also make sure they are compliant to the PACME admissible activities, for a quicker and easier result.

Projects are accepted until September 30, 2020 or until the budget envelope of $100 million has been used up. The training or human resources management projects submitted can be of variable duration (from a few days to a few weeks or months) depending on the needs established.

*This information has been curated from the Gouvernement du Québec website.  Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information.  In case of any discrepancy between the information displayed here and the Province of Quebec’s website, the latter will prevail.