Top 3 IT Risks Gaming Can  No Longer Ignore

In this webinar you will gain an understanding of the types of dangers associated with ignoring the risks your IT staff already know are lurking BUT struggle to get the support needed to close the gaps.

Some of the risks explored include:

  • Using outdated, older versions of core software components and services (Microsoft Office/ Windows, Windows server, SQL and Exchange).
  • Using outdated hardware as it relates to BIOS and firmware revisions on servers, networking gear, firewalls etc.
  • "Log Fatigue" or the non-active monitoring of systems, particularly security systems & security logs.

Perry Reagon - CircleSPEAKER

Perry Reagon, Senior Solutions Architect

Perry has 25+ years of experience in the information technology industry, working with both public and private sector organizations to solve their operational challenges by adopting and integrating advanced technology solutions.

Prior to his current role, Perry had spent close to 20 years providing  professional services consulting to a variety of customers, focusing primarily on enterprise infrastructure architecture and integration with Microsoft products and services. He holds credentials as a Microsoft Preferred Partner Seller Solutions Expert and has a breadth of knowledge in both Microsoft traditional infrastructure services as well as emerging cloud-based solutions.

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