Get a customized threat & vulnerability analysis + learn how to build a more robust cloud security system.


Do you have a good understanding of security vulnerabilities in your hybrid and multi-cloud environment including VMs, databases, Azure storage, and more? Are you aware of the number of suspected authentication activities across your multi-cloud environment? In short, are you confident about the cloud security posture of your organization? 

As the use of cloud services continues to grow, cyber risks and threats continue to evolve. Get help achieving your hybrid and multi-cloud security objectives and identify current and real threats by scheduling a Secure Multi-Cloud Environments Workshop.

We can help you develop a strategic plan customized for your organization and based on the recommendations of Microsoft cybersecurity experts. You’ll gain visibility into immediate threats and vulnerabilities across Azure, on-premises, and multi-cloud environments, plus clarity and support on how to improve your security posture for the long term.


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who should attend

The workshop is intended for security decision-makers such as:

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Security Officer (CSO)
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Data Governance Officer
  • IT Security, IT Compliance, and/or IT Operations
  • Data Governance

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Workshop Highlights

Discover threats and vulnerabilities in your hybrid environment.

Learn how to prioritize and mitigate potential threats to your servers and services.

Understand what can be done to reduce to attack surface area for hybrid workloads.

Learn about the benefits and capabilities of Azure Defender and Azure Network Security.

Develop defined next steps based on your needs and objectives.

Why You Should Attend

Given the volume and complexity of identities, data, applications, devices, and infrastructure, it’s essential to learn how secure your organization is right now, and how to mitigate and protect against threats moving forward. By attending this workshop, you can:

  • Identify current, security threats and vulnerabilities in your hybrid and multi-cloud environment
  • Walk away with actionable next steps based on your specific needs and objectives
  • Document your security priorities and strategy for the benefit of key stakeholders
  • Better understand how to accelerate your security journey using the latest tools

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Get a customized threat and vulnerability analysis of your hybrid and multi-cloud environment and learn how to build a more robust cloud security system.

What to Expect

During this workshop, we’ll partner with you to strengthen your organization’s approach to hybrid cloud security. We’ll help you better understand how to prioritize and mitigate potential attacks, via the following steps:

  • Analyze your requirements and priorities for a hybrid cloud security detection and response solution.
  • Define Scope and deploy Azure Defender in the production environment, onboarding servers and other selected services.
  • Explore Azure Network Security capabilities and experience selected Azure Network Security products in a demonstration environment.
  • Discover existing hybrid workload vulnerabilities and learn how to reduce the attack surface area.
  • Discover threats to the included hybrid workloads and demonstrate how to investigate and respond to threats.
  • Recommend next steps on proceeding with a production deployment of Azure Defender and Azure Network Security.

Pre-Engagement Phone Call

Kick-Off Meeting

Data Collection

Threat Exploration

Results Presentation

Engagement Decommissioning

Why Bulletproof?


  • Winner of the 2021 Partner of the Year Security Award by Microsoft [Global].
  • 5X Microsoft Canada IMPACT Award Winner.
  • Earned 12 Microsoft Gold Competencies: Security, Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, Collaboration and Content, Enterprise Mobility Management, Windows and Devices, Data Analytics, Application Development, Application Integration, Messaging, and Datacenter.
  • Over two decades of experience in the security and compliance business.
  • State-of-the-art 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC).
  • Trusted by users on six continents to protect their data, devices, and people.
  • Holder of Microsoft’s Advanced Specialization in Threat Protection.
  • Member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association.

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“Bulletproof is doing an exceptional job of listening to their customers and then going above and beyond to provide them with services to unlock all the value of their Microsoft Security investment. They are able to see the value of our Microsoft security platform and have built a managed SOC service that is driving significant customer value, allowing their customers to remain focused on their business.”

-Julie Jeffries, Modern Work & Security PMM Manager, Microsoft Canada