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Protect your Cloud Data with the Most Secure Microsoft 365 Set Up

As technology evolves, many organizations have moved from local servers to the cloud with Microsoft 365. But often, when the move is made not all of M365's powerful security features are enabled. Whether they were turned off to make a quicker or cheaper move or you thought the cloud automatically defaulted to the most secure option, you may not be as protected as you should be. 


Security Health Check evaluates your current security settings against best practices to ensure your organization and its employees are operating as securely as possible. The best plan is prevention. We’ll help evaluate, identify and advise on filling any security gaps in your Microsoft 365 setup, all at a convenient set package price.

*2019 Verizon Data Breach Report



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Working Towards Your Business Goals

Be healthy, be secure, be sure with Bulletproof: 

  • Keep up to date with Microsoft's constantly evolving security features to combat new threats like phishing and ransomware
  • Validate your recent migration
  • Revisit a past migration to ensure new security features released since the migration are in place
  • Identify any risk tied to an existing cloud deployment
  • Identify areas where security could be supplemented to add additional protection
  • Track Microsoft 365 administrator activity and know who has access to your Microsoft 365 environment

suzanne“We are honoured to recognize Bulletproof for the Modern Workplace Award at this year’s IMPACT awards. Even throughout a challenging year, Bulletproof has proven to be an outstanding partner committed to the highest levels of innovation and customer excellence empowering organizations across Canada with industry-leading solutions to achieve more.”

-Suzanne Gagliese, VP, One Commercial Partner, Microsoft Canada

Microsoft 365 Security Health Check Solution

We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current Microsoft 365 environment, highlight any vulnerabilities and provide a convenient roadmap of recommendations to reduce organizational risk and security gaps.

Our Microsoft 365 Health Check solution includes:

IconsMicrosoft 365 Security Review 

Review M365 security best practices and controls enabled across the environment.

Icons (2)Risk and Remediation

Highlight risks and offer remediation recommendations for any areas where current settings and controls are found to be deficient.

Icons (1)Roadmap of Recommendations

Provide a report on the results as well as detailing a recommended roadmap for future state, and high-level planning.

Bulletproof 365: Ultimate Cybersecurity. Zero Productivity Tradeoffs.

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Only Bulletproof 365 integrates the power of Microsoft 365 cloud productivity solutions wrapped with industry-leading security, unmatched employee education, and 24×7 IT support. And unlike traditional offerings, Bulletproof 365 includes all the advanced security features, without making it harder for users to do their jobs.


Why Bulletproof?


  • Microsoft 2021 global Security Partner of the Year Winner
  • 5X Microsoft Canada IMPACT Award Winner.
  • Over two decades of experience in the security and compliance business.
  • Microsoft Solutions Partner: Security + Modern Work
  • State-of-the-art 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC).
  • Trusted by users on six continents to protect their data, devices, and people.
  • Holder of Microsoft’s Advanced Specialization in Threat Protection.
  • Microsoft Verified Managed XDR Solution.
  • Member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association.

Julie Jefferies Microsoft

“Bulletproof is doing an exceptional job of listening to their customers and then going above and beyond to provide them with services to unlock all the value of their Microsoft Security investment. They are able to see the value of our Microsoft security platform and have built a managed SOC service that is driving significant customer value, allowing their customers to remain focused on their business.”

-Julie Jeffries, Modern Work & Security PMM Manager, Microsoft Canada

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