Introducing Bulletproof 365 Compliance

MANAGE COMPLIANCE with confidence

It's Your Duty to Protect Your Data.

With the exponential volumes of sensitive data being collected, used, and stored by organizations, properly monitoring and managing how that information is accessed and by who, is often subject to legal compliance regulations. Companies may have compliance tools, but ensuring they are properly configured, monitored, and aligned with company policy and government-mandated compliance regulations can overload an already busy IT team.

Bulletproof 365 Compliance is a compliance-focused managed information protection service that wraps around your existing Microsoft 365 infrastructure, enabling advanced Microsoft tools to optimize information protection, mitigate internal risks from improper data leaks, and ensure that your data never leaves your control.


The amount of data is expected to more than double every two years.


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The World has Changed. Have Your Protocols? 

With the massive growth of data, growth or regulation and oversight, coupled with the increasing complexity of a remote workforce, the challenges of managing information continue to grow. Bulletproof 365 Compliance is specifically designed to help organizations find the balance between enabling users and maintaining control.


of organizations say lack of visibility across their digital estate is a top concern 

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The Bulletproof 365 Compliance Advantage

  • Rules written specifically around compliance vs. general cyber threats
  • Turnkey integration, monitoring, and reporting
  • Maximizes the value of your existing MS license
  • Trusted Microsoft platform + Bulletproof security pedigree
  • Gain expertise and free up your IT people
  • Proactive user education and training
  • Manage and remediate compliance risk

What's Included:

  • Data loss prevention policies 
  • Information protection (sensitivity labels)
  • Insider risk management
  • Communication compliance
  • Compliance manager

Enabling Companies in Highly Regulated Industries

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Not sure how to start your journey to compliance confidence?

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we work directly with Microsoft to deliver immersive, customized workshops and assessments that will give you a clear roadmap to success. We’ll bring all your stakeholders to the table to ensure the solution we build doesn’t overlook any critical components of your day-to-day operations.

Information Management Assessment

Information Management Assessment

With the explosion of content, the popularity and availability of cloud tools, and ever-expanding regulations, it's increasingly important to implement information controls. An understanding of what you have, where it is, and where it is going is essential – you can't control what you don't know about.

The Bulletproof Information Management Assessment provides a quick qualitative review of your people, process, and technology to get you moving on your information management journey.


Microsoft Data Security Engagement with Bulletproof

Microsoft Data Security Engagement

Identify data security risks in your organizational data.

As your business-critical data expands and your workforce shifts to remote work, having an integrated approach that can help quickly identify, triage, and act on data security risks is more important than ever.


Microsoft Threat Protection Engagement with Bulletproof

Microsoft Threat Protection Engagement 

Learn how to put next-generation Microsoft security tools to work for you.

With this engagement, you’ll gain visibility into immediate threats across email, identity, and data, plus clarity and support on how to remediate vulnerabilities and upgrade your security posture for the long term.


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