In-Sourcing Vs. Out-Sourcing Cybersecurity

What Defense Strategy Suits Your Gaming Organization Best? 

In-Sourcing Vs. Out-Sourcing Cybersecurity

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The pandemic has changed the way most gaming organizations operate. In today’s IT landscape, consumer behavior and adoption of a hybrid workplace model have greatly changed the way gaming conducts business. There is more demand for productivity, efficiency, and accessibility with limited investment in new technology — resulting in one of the biggest challenges IT departments face today.   

It’s becoming very challenging for IT departments to quickly adapt to digital transformation and processes while ensuring technologies are connected, secured, and compliant to meet security regulations. IT teams are now faced with more pressure and new responsibilities with limited staffing and budgets, leaving them with minimal support to navigate through murky waters filled with unknowns and an increasing complexity and volume of cybersecurity threats.

Cyberattacks have increased 400% compared to pre-Coronavirus time.  Global cybercrime costs are expected to reach $10.5 trillion USD annually by 2025! This increase combined with the fact that many gaming organizations do not have salient cybersecurity plans or strategic roadmaps in place, means more gaps and vulnerabilities in their security — an entry point for cybercriminals. Experts predict that by 2030, cyberattacks will be attempted against a business, consumer, or device every two seconds.

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The Cost Of IT Resources Is Skyrocketing

Research shows that IT teams are struggling to keep up with the rapid, ever-changing landscape of the gaming industry due to limited staff, ever-evolving expertise, trends, and budget.  
Today, the average cost of an IT resource is skyrocketing, and the turnover rate among IT roles is at an all-time high. Recruiting and retaining IT talent is now significantly harder. Even if you can recruit experienced IT talent, we’re approaching an inflection point where the cost of IT resources is so expensive that insourcing cybersecurity is beginning to make less and less sense — even for large businesses. The cost and difficulty of recruiting IT resources, combined with the inevitable gaps in security posture created by a forced adjustment to hybrid work, leave gaming organizations vulnerable at a time when cyberattacks are increasingly frequent.2

IT Cost Skyrocketing


How To Get Leadership Buy-In

In gaming, the leadership team may ask for IT projects to be completed in a short period of time, especially if there’s a regulatory requirement that must be deployed. With that, IT teams may not have the expertise in-house to complete the projects within realistic time frames due to capacity and capability challenges. On top of that, IT teams are often caught in the middle of addressing fire drills, switching from one project to the next, managing the day to day, etc., thus adopting a more reactionary posture to systemic challenges that leave greater gaps and vulnerabilities.  
I’ve been asked by many IT leads how they can get their leadership’s buy-in for leveraging a security partner to assist with the IT or security strategy and projects they are asked to champion.  Outsourcing to a skilled provider often makes better financial and operational sense for these projects, as it can be more cost-effective and timelier than if produced in-house. For example, using outside expertise to conduct security posture assessments provides an external and unbiased perspective.

Often, it may be difficult for internal IT or security teams to see every problem because they are focused on running day-to-day operations. Third-party experts have extensive knowledge and experience as they are up to date with the latest cyberattack tactics and trends, leveraging innovative technologies. Security assessments help organizations evaluate their security posture, identify risks, and then map out a solution to mitigate risks.  In addition, access to historical data can help organizations see how their security posture has improved over time, allowing more mature views of how operations can be improved and optimized to increase revenue and efficiency.  Having written documentation on the project’s expected ROI along with identifying risks and associated costs is invaluable to gaining leadership buy-in. 
Trying to decide which part of your IT team to divest can be challenging.  IT is paramount for any business, no matter what industry. Failing to stay up to date on all things IT leaves companies at risk of a security breach and, more importantly, unable to complete the myriad of internal projects. Whether you have decided to in-source or out-source your IT team, selecting the right partner is critical to success.  To better understand the best option for your gaming organization, it’s important to review the drawbacks and advantages. Make sure you are getting what you need while protecting your assets, customers, and data. 



Drawbacks Vs. Advantages of In-House IT Security

To better understand the best option for your gaming organization, it’s important to review the drawbacks and advantages. Make sure you are getting what you need while protecting your assets, customers, and data. 

▪️  Personnel who are often not experts need to be diverted to manage the planning and implementation of projects that are outside of their core competency.  

▪️  Specialized projects generally require attracting talent with industry knowledge who can deploy multiple security technologies, which is often very expensive.   

Checkmark IconKeeping your IT in-house allows you to tailor the operation to meet your exact demands and control the implementation schedule.  

Checkmark IconYou can track capabilities that are stored on-site while streamlining communication plans.

Checkmark IconManagement can build a unified strategy with a wide range of expertise and retains the ability to pivot quickly.   

Drawbacks Vs. Advantages of In-House IT Security

▪️  Not all security providers are reliable and may not understand your gaming security challenges.

▪️   It’s critical to work with a security provider with a great reputation in the industry and who is committed to ensuring your operations are secure and compliant; leveraging innovative tools and technology to keep up with today’s ever-evolving cyberthreats.

▪️  Putting security in the hands of someone else means you’re not developing the capability in-house while still needing to dedicate staff to oversee the project. 

Checkmark IconOutsourcing provides access to security experts that are up to date on the latest threats, trends, and security tools for 24/7 response to threats in real-time.  

Checkmark IconSome Managed Security Services Providers leverage automated and innovative technologies to monitor, detect, and respond to security incidents; supplying fast insight for quick responses and a platform which eliminates the tedious task of reviewing logs and alarms.

Checkmark IconHiring experts negate the expense of new software solutions that are often costly to purchase, maintain, license, and support. And benefiting from economies of scale helps to obtain the greatest value at the lowest possible cost.

Checkmark IconOutsourcing provides independent vulnerability analysis using sophisticated tools to simulate complex attack scenarios and provide the right perspective to effectively identify issues that need to be resolved. 

What Risks Are You Taking By Waiting?

If you haven’t started looking for a way to partner with a security company, consider the risks you’re taking by not investing in this activity.  

Building your own cybersecurity team can be expensive, and we aren’t seeing the cost of cybersecurity staff decline anytime soon. Instead, it’s one of the fastest growing salaries by occupation.  Whether building your own or outsourcing, it’s important to ask the right questions and communicate your expectations.  

If you’re not sure where to start, we're here to help. Reach out to me today, and we can continue the conversation about what cybersecurity solution is best for you. 

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