Bulletproof 365 Case Study

turnkey cybersecurity solution solves more than security challenges for a growing company


Time + Space Media (T&S) and Bulletproof 365

Time + Space Media is a growing marketing services company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They work with clients and partners across Canada and around the globe in a variety of industries to develop and manage strategic, successful marketing campaigns. 


In this case study, you'll discover how Time + Space used our Bulletproof 365 solution to solve their business challenges and how our Bulletproof team exceed their expectations from start to finish.  

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Business Challenges

Time + Space relies heavily on technology to plan, manage, and track campaigns as well as to connect their growing workforce. Business growth put a strain on T+S's existing IT infrastructure and resources, presenting them with a number of interrelated business challenges. 

Challenge #1: Data Security

In 2018, Time + Space was targeted by phishing emails on an almost weekly basis – ones that appeared more and more legitimate with each attempt. T+S knew that proactivity was paramount to ensuring the protection of their data, as well as their clients’. They also knew that preventive measures like adopting the best security policies and practices would not only help keep their cybersecurity insurance premiums down but would ensure the confidence of their existing clientele as well as help them win new business.

Challenge #2: IT Resources

Time + Space had an internal IT person, but with a growing business, their capacity to manage the volume of day-to-day requests was strained. As a result, T+S relied on a network of outside resources who were usually called in during times of need. The challenge was when a problem arose, T+S often had to wait until a technician could come service the problem. In one case Time + Space went an entire week to replace a failed main switch that powered their business software. Relying on the availability of a variety of external suppliers made T+S feel like they never had the support of a dedicated team, or a relationship with a provider in which they could just pick up the phone and trust they would receive the timely response they needed. To add to the challenge, strained resources, multiple technology issues that needed attention and some inefficient processes left T+S with not enough time to confidently research solutions for their various needs.

Challenge #3: User Support

Time + Space were early adopters of technology including Microsoft 365 Cloud solutions. But to get the most out of Office 365, users needed the proper training to use the tools and applications effectively, and they needed technical help and support to quickly answer questions and resolve any issues so that staff could keep working without lengthy disruptions.

The Solution

Time + Space viewed security and cloud productivity as two separate pieces they needed to invest in to solve their business challenges. Bulletproof introduced T+S to a powerful turnkey solution – Bulletproof 365. This product delivered the power of the world’s leading productivity platform, wrapped in leadingedge cybersecurity, unmatched employee education and 24 x 7 IT support. Bulletproof 365 was a perfect match for their needs and provided all the pieces to solve their business challenges with one package. Bulletproof 365 provided:

Leading-edge cybersecurity protection developed and deployed by cybersecurity experts
24 x 7 technical support for users and IT Manager
Upgrade to secure Windows 10 operating environment
Employee onboarding and education modules to empower staff and speed adoption
Security Aware training to educate employees on cybersecurity, transforming them from targets to active defenders of organizational security.
Seamless integration from configuration to rollout, making it easy for T+S.


The Result

Bulletproof worked on-site at Time + Space over a 3-day period to complete the configuration and rollout as well as staff training. Today, with Bulletproof 365 in place, T+S has the protection they needed, the productivity tools and Cloud technology they wanted and the peace of mind they were missing before Bulletproof 365.

24/7 helpdesk support has reduced the load on their IT Manager, and significantly shortened response time to user problems or questions. The increased security protocols also helped T+S qualify for the cybersecurity insurance they needed. They also now reference Bulletproof 365’s security and protection as a selling point in new business RFPs.


“Knowing that if something happens, I’m not panicked; that peace of mind is worth every penny.”

Megan Stephens, VP Finance & Administration, Time + Space Media

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Discover what Megan Stephens, VP Finance & Administration, thinks about our Bulletproof 365 solution and how it solved her organization's productivity and security challenges. 

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  • Decades of technology, compliance, and security experience serving various industries of all sizes across the world.
  • Users on six continents trust Bulletproof to strengthen their IT & security posture.
  • Our security professionals hold industry-recognized certifications, including ISO/IEC 27001, WLA-SCS, CISSP, CISA, CEH, CPT, OSCP, and PCI-QSA.​
  • Member of Microsoft Intelligent Security Association.

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