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Experts predict by 2030 that the fastest-growing cybercrime is expected to attack a business, consumer, or device every 2 seconds and is expected to exceed $265 Billion. Over the years, Ransomware has grown exponentially and businesses of all industries and sizes are being breached daily as users unknowingly click on malicious email(s) or URLs that may have slipped through corporate defenses. However, Ransomware isn't the only type of cyber attack that's growing, global cybercrime is expected to grow by 15 percent per year over the next five years, reaching $10.5 trillion USD annually by 2025.*


In today's world, with mobile workforces, volumes of connected users and devices, hybrid combinations of on-premise and cloud infrastructure, and a myriad of tools that don’t communicate with each other, IT teams face more demands than ever, often resulting in security gaps that leave you vulnerable. With the ever-increasing frequency and complexity of cyberattacks, it's no longer a question of if your organization will be targeted, it's a matter of when. With complex business practices, you need to strengthen their security more than ever.  Our team can help you get the ultimate protection that GOES WAY BEYOND traditional offers with BULLETPROOF 365 Enterprise. 


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Sophisticated End-to-End Managed Security Solution To Solve Your IT Challenges

If your organization’s IT department can’t keep up with the number of security events you’re alerted to each day, you’re not alone. Over 80% of companies with a high incidence of security alerts only have the resources to investigate 5% of these threats—or fewer. With Bulletproof protection for your corporate network, your IT department will finally be free to focus on activities that drive greater value for your business.

With the combination of SIEM + XDR, Bulletproof 365 Enterprise is an end-to-end Managed Extended Detection and Response [MXDR] service for Microsoft-powered organizations that bridges the gaps in cybersecurity tools, skills, and capacity, providing organizations with seamless enterprise-grade security in one cost-effective package with no long-term commitments. It's wrapped around the world’s leading software for enterprise: Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Sentinel.

From this solid security foundation, the Bulletproof team of IT experts provides continuous monitoring from an assumed-breach position, analyzing and correlating network events to identify suspicious activity, investigate alerts, and mitigate and contain threats.

We operate from an assumed breach position. Proactive protections stop threats before they happen, and our responsive security automatically contains threats should they occur. 

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Bulletproof 365 Enterprise diagram on proactive protection and responsive security

Bulletproof 365 Enterprise provides:

  • 24 x 7 Security Incident Triage, Investigation and Response 
  • Assigned Bulletproof Security Technical Account Manager 
  • Ongoing Automated Vulnerability Assessments 
  • Advanced Threat Hunting 
  • Critical Security Incident Response Coordination 
  • Security Aware Service [Employee Education + Enablement]: Our proprietary Security Aware training educates employees on cybersecurity, transforming them from cybercrime targets to informed defenders. Our eLearning system also delivers Microsoft 365 training resources to increase user adoption. You can customize, monitor, and update learning programs on an ongoing basis.
  • Data stays under your control
  • Cybersecurity experts free up your IT team
  • Seamless integration: We take care of everything from configuration to rollout and ongoing support, making the process simple and seamless for you. Our solutions are a turnkey peace of mind with zero disruptions to your business.

"With Bulletproof, it is evident their customers come first. Bulletproof is doing an exceptional job of listening to their customers and then going above and beyond to provide them with services to unlock all the value of their Microsoft Security investment.

They are able to see the value of our Microsoft security platform and have built a managed SOC service that is driving significant customer value, allowing their customers to remain focused on their business. I’m thrilled to see them as a finalist for the MISA Security Customer Champion award.”

Julie Jeffries, Modern Work & Security PMM Manager, Microsoft Canada


Reduce Your Business Risks Through Best-of-Platform: Automated Response

Bulletproof 365 Enterprise is architected to provide the most complete security visibility and incident response capabilities possible to meet the requirements of the ever-changing security landscape.

The architecture diagram below illustrates just how integrated this solution is between Microsoft, Bulletproof, and your environment. This integration is the value of our solution; without any one of the components shown below, the integration, and therefore our security monitoring and incident response, suffers, leaving gaps in visibility and control.

B365E Diagram

Traditional SIEM solutions, which lack integration and deployment of the complete Microsoft E5 Security stack, do not allow the same level of security monitoring and incident response. Legacy SIEM solutions can be appropriate for legacy environments, but are not suitable for modern workplaces with modern productivity applications and services.

B365E Diagram Traditional SIEM

Why Bulletproof?


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“Bulletproof is doing an exceptional job of listening to their customers and then going above and beyond to provide them with services to unlock all the value of their Microsoft Security investment. They are able to see the value of our Microsoft security platform and have built a managed SOC service that is driving significant customer value, allowing their customers to remain focused on their business.”

-Julie Jeffries, Modern Work & Security PMM Manager, Microsoft Canada

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Automated response is the best defense against complex human-operated attacks. Is your organization protected?

Experiencing unnecessary overlap, confusion, and inconsistencies with your systems in response to cyber threats? You're not alone.

Security experts have concluded that the best-of-breed model is no longer the best approach when it comes to protection, leaving gaps and vulnerabilities that could be detrimental for your organization. Read our whitepaper to learn the true value of automated response, the best defense against complex human-operated attacks.


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Microsoft Defend Against Threats with SIEM + XDR Workshop

Gain visibility into immediate threats across email, identity, and data and demonstrate how Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft 365 Defender help organizations use intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence to detect and quickly stop active threats.


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If you were hit by a ransomware attack, would you know what to do?

On Friday the 13th, in the middle of a pandemic, a cyberattack threatened to bring a city’s entire network—and crucial services—to a halt. Meet the city that refused to pay hackers and learn how quick action, teamwork, and the comprehensive visibility and security of our B365E solution saved the day.


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