Identify potential security threats to your business

While cybercrime has continued to rise significantly year-over-year; the necessary shift to remote or hybrid workplaces over the last two years has accelerated the risk quotient amongst all industries.
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2021 Microsoft Security POTY_Global Baby GraphicWith over two decades in the security business — and as Microsoft’s Global Security Partner of the Year — Bulletproof is well-positioned to provide a holistic view of your security architecture today, along with a detailed roadmap to achieving a stronger security posture.

Need an in-depth evaluation of your security posture and actionable steps you can take to improve it? Bulletproof can help!

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Defend Against Threats with SIEM + XDR

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Microsoft Defend Against Threats with SIEM + XDR Workshop

Gain visibility into immediate threats across email, identity, and data and demonstrate how Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft 365 Defender help organizations use intelligent security analytics and threat intelligence to detect and quickly stop active threats.


Vulnerability & Penetration Testing


Identify and react to threats to your organization with a vulnerability assessment & penetration testing

Bulletproof works with organizations to deliver internal and external network vulnerability assessments, penetration testing (network risk assessments), and firewall assessments, to ensure there are no gaps in your defenses. Learn more about Bulletproof’s security assessments today.


Looking for an in-depth explanation of the difference between a pen test and a vulnerability test? 


M365 Security

Today's cyber criminals are relying on the blind spots and detection delays typical with the integration points your security products.  Your Microsoft 365 subscription includes powerful security features. Have these been audited to ensure full deployment?

Bulletproof can help with our M365 Security Health Check.

This unique service will provide you with:
• Evaluation of current M365 security settings.
• Recommendations for an increased security posture.
• Security best practices specific to SharePoint, Outlook & Teams.
• Evaluate and identify any risks in your existing cloud deployment.

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