4 Minutes Could Sink Your Business

The Essential 2022 Cybersecurity Briefing for Small Business Leaders

Cybersecurity Briefing Agenda

  • Forced Digital Transformation

  • Shift in I.T. Security Management

  • SMB Security Challenges

  • Threat Landscape

  • Multi-layered Security Requirements

  • Essential Tools of the Trade

Fact: Today's SMB IT environment is challenging.

A firewall, antivirus software, email filtering, and backup used to be enough to protect a small to mid-size business. But now that so many more employees work remotely — moving your sensitive corporate data to the cloud — the threat landscape has drastically changed.

Business leaders without dedicated internal IT teams to lean on could be missing critical new cybersecurity information. The new types of security threats we've encountered in 2022 have the potential to wipe out an unprepared small business in just 4 minutes.

Fact: Small businesses are the most vulnerable.

Attackers don't just go after big businesses with big money. In fact, they know that small businesses are much less likely to have sufficient cybersecurity measures in place, making them a much easier target. 

71% of security breaches happen to small businesses*, and many don't have the resources to survive the financial and reputational damage a breach causes.

*Source: StaySafeOnline.org

Fact: Business leaders can receive this critical one-on-one cybersecurity briefing for free.

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