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What you get: Real expert insights—in easily digestible video format—on secure remote work environments, the future of IT automation, top cybersecurity threats to look out for in 2020, and much more.


Who it's for: IT professionals, SMB leaders, and anyone interested in secure remote work practices.




On-Demand Cloud Security Conference


The team at Bulletproof is passionate about helping organizations gain a competitive edge to enable their growth and help them reach new heights of productivity and efficiency—securely. We hope to see you for our 10th annivesary in 2021!


  • Technology professionals from private and public-sector organizations of all sizes looking to understand, evaluate, and maximize investment in innovative cloud and security solutions.
  • Business Owners/C-Suite (CTOs, CIOs, CEOs, and CXOs) from SMB and Enterprise organizations seeking to innovate and transform - securely.
Virtual Roadshow Conference


Microsoft Keynote: Reimagining Security for A New Era of Advanced Persistent Transformation

Today, the world is adapting, rethinking, reinvigorating and reinventing every aspect of how we live, work, communicate, collaborate, learn, transact business, and even socialize. Right now, we are challenging assumptions that have held true for years, decades, or even centuries at an accelerating pace.


This degree of creative disruption has never been seen before. The digital transformation of our society has also passed a point of no return—going back to paper was once an inconvenient option to fall back upon, but it is just no longer viable in many industries. As new norms evolve, iterative approaches to improvements in cybersecurity will simply not keep up. Our challenge and our opportunity will be to adapt and reimagine security for an era of Advanced Persistent Transformation.


Join Kevin Magee, Microsoft Canada’s Chief Security and Compliance Officer, to explore these evolving collective trends and hear Microsoft’s strategy on how to create resiliency and secure the “new normal”.

Kevin Mcgee, Microsoft Canada

Kevin Magee

Chief Security and Compliance Officer, Microsoft

Chris Johnston CEO Bulletproof

Chris Johnston

CEO, Bulletproof


Bulletproof Keynote: The Future of Modern SecOps

Traditional defense-in-depth cybersecurity architecture—like the military tactic it’s named after—only slows attacks by intelligent cybercriminals. Even the best multiple-point security solutions can’t entirely stop them.


These attacks are getting smarter and more frequent. As more workloads (and data) move into the cloud, the stakes get higher. A data breach is not an acceptable risk. The amount of overall visibility your IT team has into your cybersecurity architecture only helps if they can actually respond to all the threats they see coming.


In many organizations, the number of security incidents is so high and the responses require so much manual intervention that the security teams just cannot keep up. The only way to improve this is to be able to respond faster. The only realistic way to accomplish this is through automation.


In this keynote, you’ll learn:

  • •  Why tasking your security team with searching for cybercrime clues in a mountain of security alerts is unsustainable (and dangerous)
  • • How a mix of niche security tools may be slowing your security team down
  • • Why even the increased efficiency offered by a SIEM may not be enough to enable your team to respond to real threats
  • • How a best-of-platform model can provide a new level of value and security for your organization

Breakout Session: How To Survive The Rush To Remote Work Without Compromising Security

If you haven’t done so already, throw your long-term plan to enable remote work in the trash. COVID-19 forced organizations to pick up the implementation pace from a crawl to a sprint to ensure the safety of their workers.


As we so often see in the wild, when we force employees to choose between productivity and security, we put our business data at risk. Trying to solve this problem in the midst of a massive workforce shift can feel impossible.


Your organization can survive the rush of remote work deployment and improve your security posture around a new virtual space for large group conversations, shared collaboration on information documents, and accessing resources remotely in a hybrid model.


In this session, you’ll learn:

  • • How to avoid potential blockers and challenges for remote work
  • • Core principles for securing hybrid identity across the cloud and all user locations
  • • Security control best practices for your Teams environment
  • • How to make Teams the ultimate safe zone for sensitive chat and meetings
CHristopher Simm, Microsfot Cloud Security Expert, Bulletproof

Christopher Simm

Microsoft Cloud Security Expert


Irfan Khan, Solutions Architect, Bulletproof

Irfan Khan

Solutions Architect



Breakout Session: Remote Work That Actually Works For Your Business

Many businesses are now faced with the reality that their staff are not physically able to come to work due to COVID-19 restrictions. This has strained productivity, security, and morale as employees find it difficult to get their work done at home, or worse, find themselves furloughed because they can’t work remotely.


This session will discuss a solution that is adaptable for a large cross-section of businesses across many verticals. It can be used as a roadmap and guideline to make your business functional, secure, and efficient—no office required!


In this session, you’ll learn: 

  • • How to avoid potential blockers and challenges for remote work  
  • • How to define the building blocks of your remote infrastructure 
  • • How to implement secure remote access to your systems and data 
  • • Best practices for Improving and modernizing collaboration for a remote workforce 

Breakout Session: The Top 5 Mistakes That Make You Fail Security Assessments (And How Not to Make Them)

Technology evolves fast. Security risks evolve faster. Many companies try to shore up their defenses by hiring third-party ethical hackers to test their security posture. This valuable exercise helps companies tighten security controls by finding cracks in their networks and systems.

We’ve performed hundreds of security assessments and penetration tests across a range of verticals, and (like any cybersecurity expert worth their salt) we’ve seen some predictable patterns emerge. In this session, we’ll cover the top 5 mistakes that compromise corporate networks—and, more importantly, tell you how not to make them.


In this session, you’ll learn:

  • • The methodologies used for security assessments and penetration tests
  • • How real companies avoided the worst-case scenario by IDing security risks before they became a problem
  • • The 5 vulnerabilities we most often discover
  • • Tools and techniques you can use right away to protect your organization from hackers
Gus Fritschie, VP Security Services, Bulletproof

Gus Fritschie

VP Security Services


Shaun Hughes Headshot

Shaun Hughes

Manager Information Modernization Practice



Breakout Session: Detecting Insider Risk With Microsoft Technologies

No matter how advanced your security infrastructure is, the truth remains: the greatest threat to your corporate data already has access to it. Often, an insider “attack” is the result of negligence caused by poor employee security awareness. Sometimes, though, insider attacks are purposeful and malicious, and these can be more damaging than any breach from the outside.

Activities such as IP theft, sensitive information leakage, and regulatory violations are difficult challenges for a dynamic workplace. This session will help attendees understand how to balance a modern collaborative environment with these challenges through Microsoft insider risk management and communication compliance. You’ll get a firsthand look at the tools available and how they can be used to protect your organization.


In this session, you’ll learn:

  • • The specific challenges that Insider risk management can help tackle
  • • Where insider risk management fits in the overall      Microsoft compliance framework
  • • How to configure insider risk management and manage the lifecycle of insider risk alerts
  • • How communication compliance can help

Breakout Session: Move Your Custom Business App to the Cloud

Is your custom business application secure, easy-to-manage, and infinitely scalable? It can be. In this session, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of the broad range of Microsoft 365 Apps and Azure Cloud Services designed to quickly build custom serverless applications.


Learn how non-technical staff can build workflows to automate business processes, and discover how pro developers can build complex business applications using microservices in the cloud.


In this session, you’ll learn:

  • When and why to use specific Microsoft 365 Apps and Azure Cloud Services for your business applications
  • • How non-programmers can create electronic forms and automated workflows
  • • Strategies and techniques for converting a monolithic business application to a suite of serverless microservices
Brad George

Brad George

Management Consultant

Application Modernization - Azure/M365


Cory Johnson Solutions Architect, Bulletproof

Cory Johnson

Solutions Architect


Breakout Session: New and  Emerging Threats to Watch Out For in 2020

In this session, you'll learn:

  • • Which attack techniques were most successful in 2019
  • • What to expect from cybercriminals in 2020
  • • Where you should focus your security resources to address both current and future threats

Breakout Session: How Modern SecOps Can Get the Most Out of the Microsoft Platform

Businesses of all sizes can empower their SecOps team by building and operating a natively integrated security platform that can automatically detect and remediate security threats. Learning how to leverage the Microsoft Security Stack can also provide advanced threat investigation capabilities.


In this session, you’ll learn:

  • • The ins and outs of Microsoft’s cybersecurity architecture
  • • How to integrate different solutions on Microsoft Security Stack
  • • Managing security Incident lifecycle with Azure Sentinel
  • • How to automate incident response with Azure Sentinel Playbooks
  • • Threat hunting tips across Microsoft Security Stack
ricardo Nicolini, Managing Director  of Security Operations

Ricardo Nicolini
Managing Director of

Security Operations

Jeff Shaw Headshot

Jeff Shaw

Chief Operating Officer



Breakout Session: CyberSecure Canada Certification and What it Means for Your Business

What makes an IT security pro? Often, it’s a matter of opinion. CyberSecure Canada is establishing a standard developed in coordination with the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). This standard aims to raise the cybersecurity baseline among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Canada.

SMEs are the backbone of the Canadian economy, and protecting this sector is critical to protecting the country. This session dives into why this new standard is important, what is included in the certification, and why it matters to your business.


In this session, you’ll learn:

  • • The foundation of today's threat landscape and evolving security standards
  • • A breakdown of the security controls and policies that are required to gain certification
  • • Advice on how to deploy these security controls
  • • The real benefit the certification can bring to your business or your supply chain
  • • The next steps toward gaining your certification

Breakout Session: When We Say "Call", We Don't Mean "Phone"

Moving to the cloud presents an opportunity to rethink traditional business communications. The continuing global pandemic has shown businesses that it’s possible to communicate and collaborate effectively from home (or anywhere) using tools like Microsoft Teams.


So why are we desperately hanging on to legacy phone systems? Send them the way of the fax machine (and save on overhead) by using Teams as the primary calling method for your business.


In this session, you’ll learn:

  • • All of the features and benefits offered by Microsoft Teams Calling
  • • How to make the move from legacy phone                  systems and VOIP to Teams Calling
  • • How not to make a mess of your Teams Calling implementation
  • • How Bulletproof managed their transition internally (and successfully)
Dave Hickman Senior Solution Architect, Bulletproof

Dave Hickman

Senior Solution Architect



Nigel Melanson, Senior Technical Architect, Bulletproof

Nigel Melanson

Senior Technical Architect


Mike Hilton, VP and GM of Hybrid IT, HPE

Mike Hilton

VP & GM of Hybrid IT



BREAKOUT SESSION: Hybrid IT Architectures and How Consumption Models Can Better Align with Your Business

Today’s unpredictable workload demands a data center architecture that is flexible and scalable on-demand. Through the use of Hybrid Cloud architectures, your organization can benefit from flexible migrations to the cloud with the ability to keep some workloads on-premises. By using a Hybrid Cloud architecture with Microsoft Azure and HPE server and storage infrastructure, you can easily deploy and manage these demands.


In this session, you’ll learn: 

Hybrid vs. Cloud-native workload use cases

  • • The advantages of Hybrid Cloud architecture 
  • Hybrid management options 
  • How to use the cloud for Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • HPE Hybrid Cloud Options
  • • How to use the HPE GreenLake consumption model 

BREAKOUT SESSION: How to Increase Your Revenue With Today's Restrictions

Is your ability to earn revenue hindered by travel restrictions? What if you could deliver your service remotely? Even better, what if you could deliver it to customers without even being present? Could you make your revenue immune to the next wave?

Confused? Curious? Excited? This session will open your mind on how to use your Subject Matter Expertise—your IP—to create expanded revenue streams that simply are not possible or scalable in a consulting or onsite delivery model. The opportunities have always existed, but COVID-19 has created the pause where companies have chosen to (or have been forced to) re-evaluate their delivery model.


In this session, you’ll learn:

  • • How some businesses have already converted their delivery models to expand revenue streams
  • • How today's challenges have presented new business opportunities
  • • What approaches, technologies, delivery models, and foundational support you need to seize the moment
  • • Key considerations for capitalizing on new business
Holly Sherrard

Holly Sherrard  

Channel Partner Manager 


Tim Doel

Tim Doel 

Senior Technical Architect 



BREAKOUT SESSION: Windows Virtual Desktop - Remote Virtual Worker Solutions for the New Normal

Learn the basics of Windows Virtual Desktop, a Windows Enterprise licensed capability in Azure. Windows Virtual Desktop can provide affordable virtualization-to-scale across scenarios such as elastic workforce, business continuity, and BYOD strategies on your existing Hybrid model.

This session will cover the essentials of design, management, and security, plus how to scale from a crawl to a sprint.


In this session, you’ll learn: 

  • The basics of Windows Virtual Desktop              design and architecture 
  • • How to secure resources with Azure AD Security capabilities like Conditional Access and Multi-Factor
  • Use cases for implementing Windows Virtual Desktop 


Kevin Magee, Microsoft Canada


Presenting Partner Keynote: Microsoft

At Microsoft, Security, Privacy, and Compliance are core tenets of how we enable trust and empower people and organizations to serve their customers. As the Chief Security and Compliance Officer for Microsoft Canada, Kevin Magee leads the technical teams who are Microsoft’s architects, practitioners, and stewards of trust.
His portfolio includes solutions that decrease the risk of cyberattack disruptions or IP theft, protect sensitive customer data, comply with global and local data privacy regulations and integrate security across hybrid and multi-cloud environments enabling and safeguarding the modern workplace.

Kevin is one of Canada’s leading authorities on cybersecurity and cyber risk governance. He is an ICD.D certified Director with the Institute of Corporate Directors and has extensive experience advising and serving on boards including the Brant Community Healthcare System. He has also served as an Entrepreneur in Residence for Laurier University and advisor for Communitech and MaRS. Kevin often writes, lectures, and contributes to curriculum development for Canadian colleges and universities on topics related to Governance, Entrepreneurship, Cybersecurity, and Criminology.
Connect with him on LinkedIn
chris johnston CEO Bulletproof


Bulletproof Keynote

Chris Johnston is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bulletproof responsible for leading a top-notch team who deliver transformative solutions to help organizations across Canada and the globe achieve more; securely.

A proven leader with twenty-five years of experience, ten at Bulletproof, Chris has held technical operations, sales, and management roles across several industries. His entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for serving customers have been constant tenants throughout his career.

Prior to taking the reins as CEO in January 2020, Chris was instrumental in driving the company’s national expansion and 100% growth over the last 3 years as Vice President of Sales. Today, Chris focusses his time on leading the company’s strategic direction with Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success mandates. He has a strong vision for Bulletproof as a premier service organization delivering exceptional quality and customer value across all its business lines.



"The Roadshow was run really well, you had people there to give the right workshops and it was packed with a good mix of people and well-appointed guest speakers!

- MEGAN STEPHENS, VP Finance & Administration

Time + Space Media

“You brought so much useful information to me in one day. All of these things are on my plate so coming here and getting some access/info all at once was great.”

“New relevant topics and the UPDATES on old issues - it is like an annual IT retreat for non practioners (we are users).”

“Took a few things back to the office that I can actually use. Good investment of time.”

“I liked how there was so many options for attendees. Was nice to « customize » according to each person!”


Thank you to our amazing partners for their support in bringing our 9th annual Bulletproof Roadshow to life!




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